Carpentry Services in Perth

High Quality Carpentry and Flooring Solutions for your home or garden

If you are looking for a professional to take care of your woodwork at a reasonable rate in Perth and its surroundings, Smart Maintenance Services is the best option for you. We provide top-quality floor installation or furniture restoration services.

With years of woodworking and joinery knowledge, Smart Maintenance Group can fulfil the building and carpentry requirements of a variety of clients. From home remodelers to office fit-outs, retail store fit-outs, small builders, and even high-end commercial developers & builders, we can provide bespoke results that fit our client’s needs in terms of price, schedule, and special requirements.

We have the knowledge and capabilities to complete any intricate carpentry, joinery, or woodwork. We are more than just carpenters; we can create original ideas and modify spaces with skilful execution.

Highly Skilled Carpenters in Perth

Our professional carpenters at Smart Maintenance Group believe that carpentry is a skilled trade. It involves the construction, installation, and repair of buildings, furniture, and other structures made of wood, wood substitutes, and other materials. Some common types of carpentry services include:

Framing: This involves constructing the skeletal structure of a building, including the walls, floors, and roof.

Finish carpentry: This involves installing trim, moulding, and other decorative elements to a structure or piece of furniture.

Cabinetmaking: This involves designing and constructing custom cabinets and other types of furniture.

Millwork: This involves designing and constructing custom wood products such as doors, windows, and staircases.

Deck construction: This involves designing and building outdoor decks and other wood structures.

Renovations and repairs: Carpenters may also be called upon to perform repairs or renovations on existing structures or furniture.

Professional Carpenters in Perth

Our skilled professionals offer the following carpentry services.

01 Structural Carpentry
02 Residential Fit Out
03 Commercial Fit Out
04 Office fit-outs
05 Timber Cladding
06 Window installation inc. timber sash windows & aluminium
07 Picket fences and boundary fences
08 Timber Decking & Flooring
09 Timber gates